Next one on June, 2nd 2017 at 7:30pm

Temple Sinai - 458 Lakeside Drive, Stamford, CT 06903


The Shabbat Experience 

Please join Beth Styles and our community for this beautiful and transformative spiritual experience as we welcome in the Shabbat with music, meditation and prayer. The “Shabbat Experience” takes us on a journey as we become present to the magnificence of creation and all we have contributed throughout the week.

This unique service is hosted by Temple Sinai of Stamford the first Friday of every month at 7:30 in the spectacular glass atrium. It is always a joy to welcome special guest leaders, musicians and the voices of the Shabbat Experience Choir. Dressed in white, the service leaders along with the choir, create a transcendent atmosphere. The choir, seated on pillows and ottomans, sweetly lift up the prayerful music all around us.  The music is a blend of original, Contemporary, Traditional and Renewal/Kirtan style in both Hebrew and English.

There are many ways to experience the beauty of Shabbat. What is most unique about the Shabbat Experience, is that it enables people who would like to bring meaning to the week just past, combining the spirit of Shabbat and community – in a non-traditional setting. Hundreds of people have participated in the Shabbat Experience in Stamford – Jewish as well as people of diverse spiritual backgrounds. Wherever we come from, there is something we can all relate to – that is our humanity and the desire to feel a profound sense of purpose each week. We want to know that we make a difference and feel deeply connected to our loved ones, our community, the Divine and mystery of life. In our day to day lives, when we are so busy and often feel like we can’t take time to breathe it all in; to truly appreciate it… This special “Kabbalat Shabbat” provides an intimate setting that for many is the completion, connection and peace they are longing for in bringing closure to the week.

People from all backgrounds and faith traditions are invited to attend! We also invite guests to join us in wearing white (yes, even in the winter!! :))  – though it is NOT a requirement. Looking forward to seeing you!! SHABBAT SHALOM!!


Composer/Music Director: Beth Styles

Choir Director: Jason Terry


Beth Styles: Keyboards/Vocals

Jason Terry: Vocals

Ada Pasternak: Violin/Vocals

James Marcus: Flute

Tricia Small: Percussion/Vocals

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